Sunday, March 28, 2010


Finally got the three dakka predators put together. Fully magnetised just in case in the future I want to change things up.

Really looking forward to being able to field three of these baby's, and at 85pts a tank they are just too cheap to pass up.

Next.....painting them.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sergeant Anto

Hello All,

Been pretty quite on the blog front. Anyway, no excuses.... time for some pics. :)

Introducing Sergeant Anto.

I tried a new technique on the gems and the power axe that I have been reading about. This model has sat being mostly done for well over 6mths just because I just couldn't get the lightning on the axe quite right. It was just frustrating me so much. Overall I am very happy with him and especially the gems.

Apologies if the photos aren't the best as they were taken with my iPhone and I have felt bad for not submitting something for so long.

I have also recently just finished two packets of moonscapes and two lots of the GW modular hill so I will get some pics up of these very soon. Also in the works is a tutorial I have been working on. Its my little trip magnetising up a Predator.

As always C&C welcome.
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