Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Scenery for Rynn's World - Ork Tower and Rocks

Over the past week or so I have been working on some new scenery for my table I have decided to call "Rynn's World".

The Ork Tower was originally a CNC Workshop Watchtower that I modified to be a very old water tank tower that some orks have decided to take over.

Here are some WIP pictures of the ork tower:

I ran into very few problems while putting this together. However, I was very unhappy when I found a bulk of my rivets that I spent several hours making from slicing plasicard rod fell off when they where touched. I used "plastic glue" that didn't really take. Oh well...lesson learned. I found that using PVA glue seemed to fix this problem nicely.

The "original" parts of the tower were painted to look heavily rusted. My thoughts were that the orks found the tower and proceeded to make it a "Good 'Un" by adding lots of armour plates and other gubbins like spikes and razor wire.

The plates were made from the lid of a plastic ice cream container.
The spikes were made from bits of sprue and the razor wire is actually the brass etched Forgeworld Razore Wire. Personally I loved the wire and plan on using it for more of my Ork buildings.

The rocks took no time to put together and paint. These were actually very light slate rocks that I found on my driveway. I thought they were a great size for the table top, so here they are. :)

Well that's about it for the moment.


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