Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Introducing Vulkosi & Ancient Polux

Hi guys,

I finished Vulkosi (counts as Vulkan) and Ancient Polux. All I need to do now varnish them and they are done!

Vulkosi had all the flames ground down (using a dremel) on the inside of the cape and chest. I also removed the Salamander chapter symbol from the belt and replaced it with the tiny fist from the FW Crimson Fist resin purity seal.

Apart from that he also has one of the new command squad conversion banner poles.

Overall I am very happy with him. This was my HQ challenge for the 2010 40k Radio Motivational.

I am not to sure on Ancient Polux's scratches....but I think it looks a bit better.

As usual C&C welcome. :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Rifleman Dreadnough Update

Hi guys,

Here is a quick update on my rifleman dreadnought. Unfortunately I haven't done anymore work since the GW store conversion comp, however I would say that he is about 90% finished. I wanted to use the servo skulls that come with the devastator squad box set somewhere in my army so I figured a long range dreadnought is an ideal place.

All that is left is a bit of battle damage and some paint chips / scratches and adding a little bit of grass to the base. Then he is off to be varnished. :)

Anyway, here are some pics of my WiP Rifleman Dreadnought.

C&C welcome.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy new year

Hello everyone.

I hope everyone had a great break.

Just a quick update on things since Christmas.

I ended up winning the Brisbane City Store "Mad Doc Orky Klaw's Butcha Kimpetishun" for my Terminator Champion. The Rifleman dreadnought made it into the comp but a very nice Hive Tyrant took out the Vehicle/Monstrous Creature entry.

The dreadnought will now be getting his battle damage now. :)

I am also hoping to take part in the 40k Radio Painting Motivational this year so have been madly filing away at my Vulkan model to make him less Salamander like and more Crimson Fist like for the HQ choice.

Finally picked up the last bits and pieces to have a go at using paint additives, primarily flow improvers and drying retarders. One of the 40K Radios Freebootaz (Maldus) had a mix that I want to try out and I will report back on how it works out for me.
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