Sunday, June 27, 2010

Daz's Airbrush Learning Curve - III

Got the next stage done and applied a purple wash. Not 100% happy with it as it left a sort of film on the first few hulls.

The ones that look a little funny were from the first batch of Leviathan Purple I used so I am wondering if something was up with it. I was planning on weathering them anyway so it won't really matter too much.

The only thing I am tossing up at this moment is if I should do the whole hog on the weathering for the rhinos that's outlined in the Forge World Master Class book on not.

See how I go I guess as I don't know if the marine vehicles really lend to that or not.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Daz's Airbrush Learning Curve - II

Well I have been putting it off for one reason or another... but I finally had a break in the weather and a bit of a high in the motivation!

Six Rhino hulls, four Razorback turrets, one whirlwind turret and a Multimelta Dreadnought all base coated with the airbrush. Huzzah!!

Phase two to begin tomorrow - starting to finish the paint jobs. Mind will take a while as I am not quite sure on the scheme just yet.

Overall I found that for the Games Workshop Foundation paints, you need to cut it at about 1:1 or a bit over with Windex for it to flow nicely through the airbrush.

Didn't have a single blockage all day but I was running it at about 35psi.

Overall a nice WIN!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Musings: Narn Tau?

Hi guys,

I am hoping to get a good session in with my airbrush this weekend since it has been a few weeks. Got no visitors and the weather is looking promising.

Anyway, in my usual wanderings of the blogosphere I came across The Tau of War. Its a really great little blog.

Anyway...what really caught my eye and was a 'OMGWTFIMUSTHAZIT!!!' moment was a angle on the Tau I have never thought of. Narn-Tau! Check out these Fire Warriors by Old Shatter Hands...

Old Shatter Hands also has a "How to" on his blog - Tau Ethereal Complete on how to paint these boys.

And here is another army shot I was looking at. I love the scheme.

Anyway, what I just loved about it was the Narn racial look (like G'Kar from Babylon 5). Anyway, I have never thought of Tau in that way and it appeals to me much more than the typical blue fish heads to the point I am going to order some Fire Warriors and think I will work on a small Tau force. :)

Here is another picture of the the bad boy again...

Even the Narn colour scheme on the ships looks great and I would be interested in having a go on the Tau tanks and/or battle suits.

Anyway...I just had to share as I was excited. :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Project Mighty Morphin Power Land Raider - Extra Armour Complete

Hi guys,

I got the new Forge World Extra Armour kit cleaned up, straightened and glued onto the Land Raider - and all with only one minor stab wound from the scalpel to show for it... :)

The next stage is figuring out how to mount on the Frag Assault Launchers and this will be ready for priming and painting.

I am thinking of cutting the Frag Assault Launchers down to a block of 2x2 instead of the usual 2x3 and fitting them into the recess of the front of the extra armour. I will see how it goes I guess.

Here are a couple pictures anyway.

I will keep you posted on the Frag Assault Launchers.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Forge World Customer Service is Awesome!

Hi guys!

Well in two weeks after sending my email off to Forge World I had another set of extra armour for my Land Raider. Woot!

I am still in the process of cleaning it up and it will need minor straightening (completely normal) but when I compared it to my other kit it is very clear that the old one did shrink by a fair bit. I am really excited to get this baby finished so I can start the paint.

I am hoping to finish off the cleaning up tonight so I will post some pics once its all done. While I have been waiting for this kit I have managed to finish off two more fully magnetised Landspeeders, which takes me up to four now.

Once again...cheers Forge World for sorting this issue out!
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