Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Forge World Customer Service is Awesome!

Hi guys!

Well in two weeks after sending my email off to Forge World I had another set of extra armour for my Land Raider. Woot!

I am still in the process of cleaning it up and it will need minor straightening (completely normal) but when I compared it to my other kit it is very clear that the old one did shrink by a fair bit. I am really excited to get this baby finished so I can start the paint.

I am hoping to finish off the cleaning up tonight so I will post some pics once its all done. While I have been waiting for this kit I have managed to finish off two more fully magnetised Landspeeders, which takes me up to four now.

Once again...cheers Forge World for sorting this issue out!


  1. What I always say to these posts is ask yourself why is forge world sending you bad parts in the first place. These are hand made and packed parts so they know when parts are not good but they send them out anyways because some customers will not take the time to ask to get new ones.

  2. Hi Eriochrome - I can understand if the part is really busted or cracked or something along those lines. In this case, they parts looked perfect apart from when I was trying to place a sponson on - then I noticed the overall shrinkage. These things happen I guess.

    But, at least they have great customer service so I can look past these problems. Personally I have only had two (or three) problems that I can think of where I have had to contact them in the past 10+ years.


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