Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Project Mighty Morphin Power Land Raider - Multi-melta turret complete

Hello guys,

Just a few more progress shots of my magnetised Land Raider. While I am waiting for the Forge World parts I have continued working on the rest of the Land Raider.

I decided some time ago I was going to use the Forge World Multi-melta Razorback turret (I ordered it nearly a year ago – man I am slow) instead of the standard pintle mount multi-melta that the Land Raider kit comes with. I have just never been a fan of the tanks only anti-armour weapon being a pintle mount…it just doesn’t make sense to me.

It was very easy to fit and just needed a bit of a clean up around the rear hatch and a whole heap of drilling out with a dremel. I made a small template on paper of the turret base and traced around this template with a permanent marker. From there, I drilled a heap of holes about every mm apart on the inside of the traced area. This made it very easy to cut the remaining plastic out of the hull.

Unfortunately the turret hole does go over where the top plate glues to he inner track guards, so be careful with your drill bits if you have a go at this yourself as it would be easy to snap them off when you get to that side as the plastic is about three times as thick. Once the bulk of the plastic has been removed you just need to clean it up with the scalpel and some files.

Easy peasy. Overall I am very happy with the style of multi-melta turret. What do you think?

I also encountered another problem when gluing on the top plate of the hull.

I didn’t glue in the engine block as I want this for some scenery and I have glued the assault ramp together so I don’t need the interior detailing. However, when I glued the two side hulls to the font/bottom hull plates I use a stack of rubber bands and the like to hold it all together. Unfortunately this made the space where the top hull plate glues to the hull a bit too narrow.

I could make the hull fit and when I eventually got it on it was bent slightly along the middle. Anyway, I filed the sides of the top plate and the outer track guards on the side hulls to get it to fit better and disaster was averted. Whew… I was actually quite stressed that I completely balls it up.

While I am waiting on the Forge World Extra Armour kit to be sent I will finish off the Redeemer Flamestorm cannon sponsons and have them magnetised.


  1. Hrmm. I like the idea...so much I may actually steal it! :)

  2. Good idea with the multi melta.
    I have started work on a similar thing, and found your article whilst looking at how other people have done it.
    I am opting for adding a slimmer cylinder to the bottom of the Razorback turret rather than drilling the raiders top hatch out. That way if I ever need to not take the melta and I can pop it off and place a hatch in its place. No giant hole to worry about.
    Can get the perfect size by starting with a hatch torso piece and just making it taller with green stuff.


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