Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

Hi Everyone,

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas (or Festivus....for the rest of us!).

Keep safe and have a great one!.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Deathwatch Terminator Champion 'Jurgon'

Hi guys,

I am a bit behind my schedule so I think I am going to be hard pressed to get the dreadnought done on time, however, I have just finished my Deathwatch Terminator Champion.

I am happy with how he turned out and will have to get onto finishing off the rest of the terminator squad after Christmas. In the meantime he will be my 'counts as' Captain Lysander until I get the real figure painted up.

C&C welcome.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Another Butcha Kimpetishun Update

Hi Guys,

Just another quick update on my Rifleman Dreadnought entry. I have finished the build and took these photos before taking it downstairs to be undercoated.

I really wanted to get his left leg up that little bit higher than normal so I cut up a Templar Land Raider door to give the model a little bit more movement.

Now its off to painting the Terminator Champion and the Dreadnought... will keep you posted.

Butcha Kimpetishun Update

Hi guys,

Just a quick update on my Butcha entries.

Deathwatch Terminator Champion

I originally saw a very cool terminator captain conversion on BoLS of the Lamenters Chapter, that I really wanted to do (in my own way). So here he is... my Assault Terminator Sergent and Crimson Fist Chapter Champion. The cloak is just blu-tac'ed on as it would be impossible to paint this feel with it on.

I wanted him to be bare headed so I decided to model on a facial wound and a smashed helmet from one hell of an Ork choppa strike.

Rifleman Dreadnought

And here is the WiP Rifleman Dreadnought that I started late last night. The hard part is now done - magnetising the arms. :)
This isn't really going to be a 'conversion' in my books but I will badge him up as a Fist dreadnought and he can go in as my vehicle entry.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Ideas for Mad Doc Orky Klaw's Butcha Kimpetishun!

Hello everyone!

I went down to the Brisbane City GW store and saw that they are doing the "Mad Doc Orky Klaw's Butcha Kimpetishun!" and I thought....what a great motivator for me to do some more of my fists. Unfortunately this will put a bit of a dent in my originally proposed schedule of finishing sergeants and the like.

Oh well.

There is three categories for the competition: Squad, Character, Vehicle; and I am hoping I can enter something into all three.

I would be interested in any feedback but this is what I am proposing.

Squad Entry - Sternguard Squad
5 man squad using the new Crimson fist and Deathwatch shoulder pads and the Black Templar crusader robed chests. I am planning on making the deathwatch bolters into combi-weapons for this squad.

I also have recently acquired a Gameday Sergent figure that I was planning on giving a deathwatch pad and combi-flamer. I also plan on making a Mk V Heresy Helmet (to go with his armour) to be attached to his hip.

Here is an image of the figure I am talking about. (I found this on the web...not my paint job but I cant remember where I found it).

The squad will be as follows:

Sergent - Power Fist + Combi-Flamer
Trooper 2 & 3 - Combi-Melta with deathwatch bolters
Troober 4 - Combi-Flamer with deathwatch bolter
Trooper 5 - Heavy Flamer (using the terminator Heavy Flamer

Character Entry - Terminator Champion

For this model I was going to use the chaos lord in terminator armour and remove as much of the chaos iconography as possible. Give him a thunder hammer and stormshield and go from there. I love the pose on this figure as it is so dynamic. I am tossing up still leaving the shoulder trophy racks and attaching some Ork heads (since they hate them so much).

I would like to also have be bare headed with a facial wound from perhaps an ork cleaver and have his damaged/shattered helmet attached to the hip or on the ground. He will also have the Forgeworld Crimson Fist terminator Sergent shoulder pads since they are so snazzy. In the long term he will just be my Terminator Sergent (giving him the red helmet with a white stripe) but will also be used as my stand in terminator captain. :)

Hopefully I will be able to sneak in some magnets into the shoulders so I can swap out the thunderhammer/stormshield combo with Chaos lightning claws.

Vehicle Entry - 'Rifleman' Dreadnought

This will be really simple and perhaps a little lame....but I don't care. :P
Using a regular marine dreadnought with two twin-linked autocannon arms (from Forgeworld again) with Crimson Fist iconography. Very simple but this is more of a painting challenge than a conversion competition to me to crank out some nice models.
The arms will be magnetised as well for other weapon load outs.

I am not sure if I will make the date but I am sure going to try. Will keep you posted on any work in progress.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Some support for the Crimson Fists

Hello Everyone,

It has been slow going for the past month or so due to other commitments (and a wee bit too much Bloodbowl on the PC). So, since the weekend, I have been making a point of getting in at least a hour or so painting each night and would you believe it.... I am making some headway on my Crimson Fists.

I also saw that GW has released some of the CF shoulder pad bitz so I will have to pick some of these up...well at least the HQ ones anyway. If anyone has actually bought these yet I would be interested to hear if they the correct size this time (unlike the last batch).

Anyway, here are a couple pictures of what I have completed since the weekend.

First up I have a pair of Heavy Bolter marines to give my tactical squads some much needed anti-infantry since I am playing against orks on a regular basis.

Next up I have my Plasma Gunner marine. I gave him the high collared chest plate as I figure he needs as much protection from plasma gun mishaps as possible. :)

Since taking the picture I have decided to paint on some gloss varnish onto the plasma gun coil to make it more 'plasma-like' in my minds eye anyway.

Here we have is the Meltagun marine. I recently bought myself the Imperial Armour - Model Masterclass Volume One and have been trying out some of the suggestions for heat stress. For the melta gun and plasma gun barrel, I ended up using a number of purple and sepia washes finishing up with a black wash. Overall, I am pretty happy with the result.

Lastly, I have finished off two more regular bolter marines. Nothing fancy, but I am chipping away at them.

I am now working on doing a number of sergeant figures with various options (power fists, combi-weapons, etc) and adding a Heavy Plasma Gun marine.

Will keep you posted (hopefully a bit more regularly).

Monday, November 9, 2009

Some more Crimson Fist WiP

Just a quick little update on the progress of my weapon upgrades for my Fists.

You can see in the close up of the marines in various stages of completion. Hopefully I will be take some photos from start to finish to share the technique (if anyone is interested). I originally saw the painting style on the WargamerAU forums by a great fellow called Stu (Fingolfin on the forums) who I recently had the pleasure of meeting at Gencon 2009.

Anyway, its not a big update but I wanted to share. :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Crimson Fist Update

Hello everyone,

Things are moving ever so slowly on the painting front (probably best described as moving at the speed of a drunken sloth...). However, I recently took a few photos of what I have done.

Here are my 'Army' shots to date:

First Squad (Assault on Black Reach Tactical squad)

Second Squad (Battle for Macragge Tactical squad)


I have decided to go with the codex style of having the red helmets for the sergeants. The red is the same dark red as the fists.

Personally I am not a fan of the bare headed sergeants so I decided to attach a painted helmet on the hip of each of the sergeants and I hope to do the same thing for all the various officers as I work my way through the figures.

Right now I am finishing off two heavy bolter marines and a melta gunner, and have a plasma gunner and two more tactical marines just waiting for their final matt varnish finish.

I will try to have more regular updates unlike the time between my previous updates.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Some new scenery

Hi guys,

I have been a bit slack with the updates for the past few weeks. Anyway, I thought I would share some of the recent scenery additions.

The first is an old rhino that I weathered and damaged. I inherited this old RT days rhino that was very badly beat up and was painted in a horrible oil based very thick paint job. Its not the best but overall I am pretty happy with it.

The second piece of scenery is another CNC Workshop kit. A friend gave me two of the kits (thanks Pauly).

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Next Scenery Project - Ork Outpost

Hi guys,

Just a quick one to share. I just got two CNC Sand buildings (CNC Workshop Sand Series) to add to the start of my Ork camp (the tower was the first bit).

The two models I got are the Crows Nest....

...and the Gunner's Platform.

I am unsure on how I will go about painting them yet. I am tempted to do a dark red (think scab red)/clay-ish look to them with metal plates put on it. To be honest....not really sure yet. But it will be a Deathskull Clan Outpost so perhaps a blue is the answer. Any ideas?

Props to my mate Matt for picking these up for me. Cheers buddy. :) case anyone was wondering you will probably see my cats in various pictures as they like to 'help' me whenever I am doing anything 40k.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Scenery for Rynn's World - Ork Tower and Rocks

Over the past week or so I have been working on some new scenery for my table I have decided to call "Rynn's World".

The Ork Tower was originally a CNC Workshop Watchtower that I modified to be a very old water tank tower that some orks have decided to take over.

Here are some WIP pictures of the ork tower:

I ran into very few problems while putting this together. However, I was very unhappy when I found a bulk of my rivets that I spent several hours making from slicing plasicard rod fell off when they where touched. I used "plastic glue" that didn't really take. Oh well...lesson learned. I found that using PVA glue seemed to fix this problem nicely.

The "original" parts of the tower were painted to look heavily rusted. My thoughts were that the orks found the tower and proceeded to make it a "Good 'Un" by adding lots of armour plates and other gubbins like spikes and razor wire.

The plates were made from the lid of a plastic ice cream container.
The spikes were made from bits of sprue and the razor wire is actually the brass etched Forgeworld Razore Wire. Personally I loved the wire and plan on using it for more of my Ork buildings.

The rocks took no time to put together and paint. These were actually very light slate rocks that I found on my driveway. I thought they were a great size for the table top, so here they are. :)

Well that's about it for the moment.
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