Friday, December 4, 2009

Ideas for Mad Doc Orky Klaw's Butcha Kimpetishun!

Hello everyone!

I went down to the Brisbane City GW store and saw that they are doing the "Mad Doc Orky Klaw's Butcha Kimpetishun!" and I thought....what a great motivator for me to do some more of my fists. Unfortunately this will put a bit of a dent in my originally proposed schedule of finishing sergeants and the like.

Oh well.

There is three categories for the competition: Squad, Character, Vehicle; and I am hoping I can enter something into all three.

I would be interested in any feedback but this is what I am proposing.

Squad Entry - Sternguard Squad
5 man squad using the new Crimson fist and Deathwatch shoulder pads and the Black Templar crusader robed chests. I am planning on making the deathwatch bolters into combi-weapons for this squad.

I also have recently acquired a Gameday Sergent figure that I was planning on giving a deathwatch pad and combi-flamer. I also plan on making a Mk V Heresy Helmet (to go with his armour) to be attached to his hip.

Here is an image of the figure I am talking about. (I found this on the web...not my paint job but I cant remember where I found it).

The squad will be as follows:

Sergent - Power Fist + Combi-Flamer
Trooper 2 & 3 - Combi-Melta with deathwatch bolters
Troober 4 - Combi-Flamer with deathwatch bolter
Trooper 5 - Heavy Flamer (using the terminator Heavy Flamer

Character Entry - Terminator Champion

For this model I was going to use the chaos lord in terminator armour and remove as much of the chaos iconography as possible. Give him a thunder hammer and stormshield and go from there. I love the pose on this figure as it is so dynamic. I am tossing up still leaving the shoulder trophy racks and attaching some Ork heads (since they hate them so much).

I would like to also have be bare headed with a facial wound from perhaps an ork cleaver and have his damaged/shattered helmet attached to the hip or on the ground. He will also have the Forgeworld Crimson Fist terminator Sergent shoulder pads since they are so snazzy. In the long term he will just be my Terminator Sergent (giving him the red helmet with a white stripe) but will also be used as my stand in terminator captain. :)

Hopefully I will be able to sneak in some magnets into the shoulders so I can swap out the thunderhammer/stormshield combo with Chaos lightning claws.

Vehicle Entry - 'Rifleman' Dreadnought

This will be really simple and perhaps a little lame....but I don't care. :P
Using a regular marine dreadnought with two twin-linked autocannon arms (from Forgeworld again) with Crimson Fist iconography. Very simple but this is more of a painting challenge than a conversion competition to me to crank out some nice models.
The arms will be magnetised as well for other weapon load outs.

I am not sure if I will make the date but I am sure going to try. Will keep you posted on any work in progress.

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