Saturday, July 31, 2010

Musings: More Pre-Heresy Forge World Armour Variants

I am sure Forge World want me to be broke. At this rate...I will be.

Now this models are exciting. These casts look very great and I am looking forward to what else these guys will be putting out.

Its been a long time coming and I just hope they keep releasing more models that can be used for a pre-heresy force. I am really hoping Forge World release Close Combat arms to go with the Mk III.

And after seeing the Mk III armour...I find this. AWESOME!
Its the old school style missile launchers. This really brings back memories of the old RT plastics. :)

I think some World Eaters will be coming sooner than expected at this rate. :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

GW Brisbane Mini-Deamon: Librarian Build Progress

Hi guys,

I just wanted to post some quick pictures on what I achieved tonight. The Force Spear is just 'blu-tacced' on so please excuse the excess stuff sticking out of the joint.

I actually had my first go at using green stuff tonight (SHOCK HORROR!) for both the Force Spear and Storm Shield arms.

I used a bit on the Storm Shield to slot in a little bit of thick guitar wire to form the join from the piping under the librarians left wrist to the wire cluster below the hand on the really can't see it so you will have to take my word on it until it is painted. I felt I had to connect it somehow as it looked a bit odd with a gap in that position.

I am still in two minds whether or not to include the big book standard on top of his shoulders at this stage as I normally steer away from banner poles and the like.

Anyway...he is starting to take shape.

Any thoughts or criticisms are welcome.



Wednesday, July 28, 2010

GW Brisbane Mini-Deamon Painting Competition

I was in the Brisbane City GW Store yesterday and they will be doing a monthly mini Golden Deamon each month over the next few months.

I spoke to the manager (Marshall) and there are a couple of reasons for it...
Apparently one of them is that Golden Deamon categories are changing and chunking down a layer (i.e. Cavalry are now included in the single model category) so Marshall thought it would be a great idea to get the local gamers to try their hand at each of the categories each month.

The Brisbane City store will be having a Deamon oriented one for August (due to the new releases I guess) and then will be looking at the various GD categories. The intention is to have a few to be entered into the next big show form the store entries and generally foster some more ‘community’ interaction.

This is great, as I have been suggesting a monthly painting/conversion competition for some time to the manager for no other reason to help give me an incentive. Yes it is a bit selfish...but you get that. :)

Anyway here are the details from the flyer:

Brisbane Mini-Demon
Paint any Deamon or Demon-Slayer model this month to enter this month’s mini-demon.
Your entry can be a single model from either Warhammer or Warhammer 40,000.

Entries must be in by 10pm Saturday 28th August

Anyway I have 4 weeks to get my entry in.

It has been a long time personal goal of mine to actually enter one. Heck I would be over the moon just to make it to round 2!!!

For the August entry I was thinking of entering in a Terminator Librarian with Storm Shield and Force-spear (made from a DA power sword and cut down Force Staff). He will also have to have his Terminator Armour Helmet somewhere on his person as well. I was going to remove the head and place a helmet in...but I do like painting faces as well.

Here is the super early picture of him with the bits I intend on using.

I will keep you posted on the progress.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

WiP: Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield Squad & The Thunder Bubble Army List

Hi Guys,

I got stuck into my Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield squad over the weekend. Well... I got some done but need to place another order to Forge World for some more Crimson Fist Terminator Shoulder pads. Anyway, here is a picture of what I got done. This squad will be the next unit I will paint up and finish right through to completion, as I need to get them onto the table top as soon as I can.

I decided to pin the Storm Shield arms so I can take them off later to make life a bit easier when it comes to paint them. I still need to make three more terminators up for the squad, and work on the bases of the completed ones to add debris (pipes/metal etc) to make them fit a bit better with Sergeant from Space Hulk - Sergeant Gideon.

I magnetised the base for Sergeant Gideon so I can use him for both Space Hulk and 40k. He will still need a bit of 'sand' on the base yet but I have added some plates, guitar wire, pipes and a few bits from the GW Basing Kit for detail. Here is a picture of the base separated.

My plan is to get all the Space Hulk Terminators done this way...but know fast as a wounded sloth. I really love the Space Hulk Terminators and want to include them in my Crimson Fist army. I will be removing some of the Blood Angels bits and bobs, but I decided to leave Gideon's details on. I will just paint the 'blood drops' as 'tear drops' or something. Either way...the model is great and I want to see him in play more often rather than just in Space Hulk. I figure he can lead the other combat squad in my army.

I have been a bit scatter-brained of late with my modelling & painting (or lack there of) so I gave myself some focus. I want to get my version of the Thunder Bubble Army finished before I go overseas in 8 weeks. Its a bit of an ask but I can try anyway. This is the list I plan on building and running for a bit.

2000 Pts - Space Marines Roster - Thunder Bubble

HQ: Space Marine Librarian (100 pts)
1 Space Marine Librarian (Null Zone; The Gate of Infinity)
1 Power Armour (Bolt Pistol; Force Weapon)

Elite: Terminator Assault Squad (400 pts)
9 Terminator Assault Squad @ 400 pts (Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield x9;)
1 Sergeant (Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield x1;)

Elite: Dreadnought (125 pts)
1 Dreadnought (Twin Linked Autocannon; Twin Linked Autocannon)

Elite: Dreadnought (125 pts)
1 Dreadnought (Twin Linked Autocannon; Twin Linked Autocannon)

Troops: Tactical Squad (175 pts)
4 Tactical Squad (Bolter x4;)
1 Sergeant (Combi-Flamer x1;)
1 Razorback (Lascannon and TL Plasmagun)

Troops: Tactical Squad (170 pts)
4 Tactical Squad (Bolter x4;)
1 Sergeant (Bolter; Melta Bombs;)
1 Razorback (Lascannon and TL Plasmagun)

Troops: Tactical Squad (165 pts)
4 Tactical Squad (Bolter x4;)
1 Sergeant (Bolter;)
1 Razorback (Unit Lascannon and TL Plasmagun)

Troops: Tactical Squad (165 pts)
4 Tactical Squad (Bolter x4;)
1 Sergeant (Bolter;)
1 Razorback (Unit Lascannon and TL Plasmagun)

Fast Attack: Land Speeder Squadron (140 pts)
2 Land Speeder Squadron (Multi-Melta x2; Heavy Flamer x2;)

Fast Attack: Land Speeder Squadron (90 pts)
1 Land Speeder Squadron (Unit Heavy Bolter x1; Typhoon Missile Launcher x1;)

Fast Attack: Land Speeder Squadron (90 pts)
1 Land Speeder Squadron (Unit Heavy Bolter x1; Typhoon Missile Launcher x1;)

Heavy Support: Predator (85 pts)
1 Predator (Autocannon; Heavy Bolter (each side))

Heavy Support: Predator (85 pts)
1 Predator (Autocannon; Heavy Bolter (each side))

Heavy Support: Predator (85 pts)
1 Predator (Autocannon; Heavy Bolter (each side))

This is a list that I have put together with some help from Kirby over at 3++ is the New Black. Kirby's version of the Thunder Bubble list (LINKY) packs AC/Las Predators but I am still in love with my Dakka Predators (and need more parts to make Las Predators anyway). My local play group consists of Orks and Tyranids so the extra anti-personal fire power helps.

Previously I was running a Crusader and only 5 TH/SS Terminators but Kirby and the other guys on his blog did have a good point about one rock unit being easy to counter... so now I have a 3++ screen in front of my gun line. I hope it will run a bit better now. I just need to get some games in to see how it goes. At least with the Librarian I can gate them around if I need to get somewhere in a hurry. :)

Anyway, that's what I got done this weekend. Just thought I would share. :)

PS - I edited the blog as I noticed I let a few grammar errors. Sorry guys.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Musings: Forge World Pre-Heresy Armour, World Eaters & Angron

I am sure many of you have already seen the recent Forge World newsletters; but I really wanted to say that I am soooo excited about glimpses of Pre-Heresy Armour.

I have really wanted to do a Pre-Heresy Marine army for quite some time and have been slowly stockpiling bits (resin rivets, helmets, chests etc) to make up some Mk IV & V armour. But with the glimpses we have seen so far it might be a far cry easier time wise to wait it out to see what goodies Forge World release. Now we know that the next Imperial Armour book wont be a Heresy or 30k based one (*sad panda*) but overall I don’t really care if I can get the bits to make some sweet looking pre-heresy at a reasonable price (Forge World reasonable price – lol – its like black tar heroin).

Time is something I am short of all the time – hence why I am so slow at doing things.

If you haven’t already seen them here is a picture of the Mk V helmet:

And one of the Mk III Helmet

Personally I have wanted to do small Pre-Heresy World Eater army (using the new Blood Angel Codex) and have even picked up one of the Ronin Primarch models to represent Angron himself. I also figure doing World Eaters would be a great excuse for me to develop my painting skills as I am forced to paint White on a large scale – something that I have always steered away from – that and yellow!

I figure to represent Angron on the table I will use him as a counts as Librarian Mephiston. Now before you groan here me out. Mephistons stats are pretty much the same as Angron as a Daemon Prince and his ‘Psychic Powers’ can be represented by physical traits for a primarch easily – especially one that is a bit crazy like Angron and full of rage.

Let’s take a quick look.

Mephiston – 250pts
WS7 BS5 S6 T6 Wo5 I7 A4/5 Ld10 Sv2+

Equipment: Force Sword, Plasma Pistol, Frag & Krak, Artificer Armour, Psychic Hood
Special Rules: ATSKF, Fleet, Transfixing Gaze, Psyker

Psychic Powers:

The Sanguine Sword:
This power is used at the start of either player's Assault phase. The Librarian's close combat attacks are made at S10.

Unleash Rage:
This power is used at the start of either player's Assault phase. the Librarian and his unit have the Preferred Enemy special rule until the end of the turn.

Wings of Sanguinius:
This power is used in the Librarian's Movement phase and lasts for the rest of the turn. It allows the Librarian to move as if he had a jump pack. A Librarian riding a bike that uses this power moves as if he was riding a jet bike

Now…my rational:

Transfixing Gaze: He is a Primarch so he is damn scary – re-rolling to hits and wounds seems appropriate as someone cowers before him.

Sanguine Sword: He also is known to be a storm of rage and hence can channel that rage into raw strength – Hence S10.

Wings of Sanguinius: A little harder to justify…but again massive feats of strength. I figure it can be justified by him just leaping straight at the foe. He is an ex gladiator and doesn’t wear bulky armour like some primarchs

Now..for the force sword – again channelling his hate he twists the blade, cuts out the enemy’s heart with Gorechild…whatever really. Just represented by a psychic test in the game.

Psychic Hood: As we know – Khorne hates magic and later on he actually has a collar of Khorne. I justify this as the Khorne protecting his future champion with a 24” zone that can stop some magic/psychic force.

I hope it doesn’t look like too much of a stretch but Mephistons powers seem more ‘phyiscal’ representations of strength, rage and hate more than anything else. For a personal body guard I figure I can have a small unit of ‘counts as’ Sanquinary Guard follow him around. He can’t join the unit directly though because of his rules – but let’s face it…I think he would be easy to pick out in a force anyway. Given that he doesn’t have an invulnerable save and can’t hide in a unit - I think he is pretty balanced…at 250pts he can still just be gunned down pretty easy.

Anyway, the rest of the codex would be pretty cool to use as a World Eaters army since they can have lots of assault squads as troops (with and without jump packs) and Berserker Squads can be represented Death Company as well. Doing a themed army like this probably wont be winning any tournaments – but hey – it should look sweet on the table.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Prototype Thunder Cavalry Model Arrived!!

Hi guys,

Well I got my prototype Thunder Lizard Cavalry model in the post today.
As discussed before, I am planning on using one of the Gamezone Predator Lizards as a 'counts as' Thunderwolf model for my Crimson Fist Army.

I quickly blu-tac'ed the figure together and used a set of the Ravenwing biker sergeant legs to quick a quick feel if it will work... and it will!!!


Here are a few photos with Sergeant Grimm to give you an idea of scale:

I really think it will be able to work.

Now the next question is do I use the robed legs (and that would mean robed chest as well) or just modify some regular biker legs. I had no intention of using the robes for the cav, but I am now leaning that way as it will make them stand out even more - besides riding a big ass raptor! - but I think it will actually look pretty nice.

Thankfully the Predator model has the rider as a completely separate piece. I was a little worried I would have to grind off some Dark Elf legs but it looks pretty straight forward to be honest.

The only other problem is that that the Gamezone model will need a bit of putty work as there will be some major gaps otherwise. I can live with that.

Overall I am really happy with the Predator model as a base as it is nicely detailed and looks very aggressive. I think the scale will be spot on for my marines. Let me know what you guys think?

PS - Here is a LINK to the painted predator pic I used from CMoN.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Deathwatch Kill Team - WiP - Sergeant and more marines

Hi guys,

I got a few more marines completed now.

Here they are:

Crimson Fist Sergeant - Combi-Flamer / Powerfist

I was lucky to pick this games day sergeant off ebay and have been looking forward to having him done up for a Kill Team. Really looking forward to painting him up. Still thinking of a name.

I am happy with the combi-flamer. Its pretty hard to see in the picture but it is done in the same style as my previous attempt for Sergeant Grimm - LINKY

Blood Angel Marine - Combi-Melta

Here is my second attempt at a combi-melta.

Space Wolf Marine

Nothing special to write about...but I like this guy.

Wolf Brother Marine

I originally had this guy with a chain sword in his left hand but it looked a bit funny so I replaced it with an Auspex instead. I think it looks a bit better with the looking down pose.

Soul Drinker Marine

Well this rounds out the first five done. I am going to work on another five or so then attack them with paint.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Deathwatch Kill Team - Soul Drinker

Hi guys,

Just a quick WiP photo of my Deathwatch Kill Team. I have built four so far, but I wanted to quickly share my Soul Drinker member armed with a Combi-Melta.

I am pretty happy with the combi-melta overall. He is the first of six to be armed with combi-melta's this way. Initially I was going to use the metal DW bolter as a base but unfortunately the metal bolters are about 1/3 thinner that the plastic ones so the melta part on top wouldn't fit as I intended. Oh well.

I have built up two DW bolter marines (Space Wolf and Wolf Brother) and a Sergeant (Crimson Fist) with a combi-flamer and powerfist. I will post some more WiP pictures soon once I got a combat squad done. I am in the middle of doing a Blood Angel with a combi-melta as well. I am trying to use as many 'embossed' pads as possible.

Other chapters I am thinking of adding will be:

- Black Templar
- Ultramarine (once I can find my embossed UM shoulder pad)
- Imperial Fist
- Flesh Tearer (with a chain axe as well)
- Silver Skulls or Mortis Legion

I plan on using the squad as a 'counts as' Sternguard unit in games and intend on building two full squads once I get some more bits. In the short term I will be using them in some local games as a "kill team" for skirmish games.

Heavy weapons wise, I want to do a marine running with a maybe a box fed heavy bolter (think scouts) to give it that suspensor feeling (from the old DW rules) and probably two heavy flamer marines.

I am two minds for the heavy flamers to be honest as I feel I may be better off with combi-flamers so I can still take advantage of special issue ammunition. I have to make at least one just for the cool factor though. :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Musings: Had a slight problem this week

Hi guys,

Just a quick one why I have been very quiet of late on the blog.

I just got out of hospital today after having my appendix removed from emergency surgery. Looks like I got it out just in time as it was ruptured and leaking - just before a full blown blow up. I have been in the hospital for a few days due to the extra risk of infection (from the leaking) while they pumped me full of antibiotics.

Anyway, a routine scheduled immunisation appointment with my GP (as my wife and I are going over to Europe soon) turned into me skipping the shot and being rushed to the emergency department.

I am on the mend now with three extra holes on my belly from the 'key hole' surgery. I don't think I will be at work this week, but I am hoping to knock over some painting if I can sit without too much pain. Got to play it by ear I guess.


Rant: CMoN Issue follow-up - its all sorted now

Hi Guys,

Just a follow-up to my issue with CoolMiniOrNot. Chern Ann Ng from CMoN was able to sort out a refund for me and a credit for postage. Its probably the best that could be salvaged from an unfortunate turn of events.

Here is the email below:

Date: Tue, 6 Jul 2010 00:20:16 -0400
Subject: RE: CoolMiniOrNot Inc.: New Order # xxxxxx

Hi Darrel,

First of all please accept my apologies for this screw up. I believe this happened just as we were transitioning shopping carts and this transaction was cancelled in error along with other test transactions.

I have refunded your transaction as the item is not in stock at currently. Please also accept this coupon for $9 which will defray the cost of shipping on your next purchase:

Best regards,
Chern Ann Ng
CoolMiniOrNot Inc.

I do want to stress that CMoN did respond really quickly on this once I ran the issue up the flag so to speak (yeah yeah...aussies and their stupid metaphors). So, please order with them. My issue definitely looks like it was an isolated 'unlucky' issue. Overall I am very satisfied with the outcome overall.

On a side note CMoN will be organising to have Gamezone figures done in the US so they should be more readily available in the future from August on.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rant: Thunder Lizard Cavalry hit a Snag

I am annoyed...nay furious. A little like Mr Furious you could say.

Nothing gets me going more than really crappy customer service.

Anyway, my Thunder Lizard ‘counts as’ Thunder Wolf Cav has hit a snag thanks to the kind folks over at the coolminiornot store. It appears that my recent order for the awesome gamezone lizard cav has been cancelled – and without a refund or any communication at all from the store. Awesome!

I have sent of a not so nice letter to the coolminiornot store asking for a ‘Please explain’ for the lack of communication before kicking off a dispute with the bank.

You see, here in Australia, we are kinda used to not receiving goods from most online stores for anything for three to six weeks. So, since it had been about seven weeks since I placed my order I was about to send coolminiornot an email for a status update. I checked out my account online and to my shock my order was actually cancelled! But it gets better…they didn’t even send me an email to tell me that my order was cancelled or even bother to process a refund. How very nice of the guys.

This is totally unacceptable from any company. Customer service is something I am particularly passionate about so this irks me on several levels.

Anyway, I actually want the model more than a refund as I want to use it as a prototype for my Thunder Cav. And if all goes well and the conversion turns out ok I was planning on ordering 10-12 of these guys – enough for at least two wolf lords, two iron priests and two units of four cav.

I will keep you posted on my ‘experience’.

Have you guys had any positive or negative experiences from the store at coolminiornot?

Hobby: Vallejo Primer

Well after getting completely jacked off with crappy primer & undercoat sprays I have finally bitten the bullet and got some primer to run through my airbrush.

I picked up both Black and Grey Vallejo Primer to give it a whirl. I will be sticking to black primer for my Crimson Fist marines but will be shifting to grey for any new projects. The primer is ‘airbrush ready’ so should not need any thinning to use. It can also be brushed on as well.

I will let you know how it goes but at $15 for 60ml from a local hobby store - Hobbyrama it seemed reasonable if it works; especially given that it’s just over $30 for about 200ml. WIN!

I have read some mixed reviews on the product but I figure it can’t be worse then the issues I have had with the crappy GW sprays and other ones I have been trying to use. In fact I expect to see an improvement. Will keep you posted – it might even be time for my first review. :)
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