Monday, July 12, 2010

Rant: CMoN Issue follow-up - its all sorted now

Hi Guys,

Just a follow-up to my issue with CoolMiniOrNot. Chern Ann Ng from CMoN was able to sort out a refund for me and a credit for postage. Its probably the best that could be salvaged from an unfortunate turn of events.

Here is the email below:

Date: Tue, 6 Jul 2010 00:20:16 -0400
Subject: RE: CoolMiniOrNot Inc.: New Order # xxxxxx

Hi Darrel,

First of all please accept my apologies for this screw up. I believe this happened just as we were transitioning shopping carts and this transaction was cancelled in error along with other test transactions.

I have refunded your transaction as the item is not in stock at currently. Please also accept this coupon for $9 which will defray the cost of shipping on your next purchase:

Best regards,
Chern Ann Ng
CoolMiniOrNot Inc.

I do want to stress that CMoN did respond really quickly on this once I ran the issue up the flag so to speak (yeah yeah...aussies and their stupid metaphors). So, please order with them. My issue definitely looks like it was an isolated 'unlucky' issue. Overall I am very satisfied with the outcome overall.

On a side note CMoN will be organising to have Gamezone figures done in the US so they should be more readily available in the future from August on.

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