Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rant: Thunder Lizard Cavalry hit a Snag

I am annoyed...nay furious. A little like Mr Furious you could say.

Nothing gets me going more than really crappy customer service.

Anyway, my Thunder Lizard ‘counts as’ Thunder Wolf Cav has hit a snag thanks to the kind folks over at the coolminiornot store. It appears that my recent order for the awesome gamezone lizard cav has been cancelled – and without a refund or any communication at all from the store. Awesome!

I have sent of a not so nice letter to the coolminiornot store asking for a ‘Please explain’ for the lack of communication before kicking off a dispute with the bank.

You see, here in Australia, we are kinda used to not receiving goods from most online stores for anything for three to six weeks. So, since it had been about seven weeks since I placed my order I was about to send coolminiornot an email for a status update. I checked out my account online and to my shock my order was actually cancelled! But it gets better…they didn’t even send me an email to tell me that my order was cancelled or even bother to process a refund. How very nice of the guys.

This is totally unacceptable from any company. Customer service is something I am particularly passionate about so this irks me on several levels.

Anyway, I actually want the model more than a refund as I want to use it as a prototype for my Thunder Cav. And if all goes well and the conversion turns out ok I was planning on ordering 10-12 of these guys – enough for at least two wolf lords, two iron priests and two units of four cav.

I will keep you posted on my ‘experience’.

Have you guys had any positive or negative experiences from the store at coolminiornot?


  1. That sucks. I haven't had any experience with CMoN.

    A number of folks I know in Aus/NZ swear by Maelstrom Games. They even carry Gamezone stuff. Maybe get a refund out of CMoN and give Maelstrom a try.


    Good luck!

  2. Thanks mate. You know what...I never ever noticed that Maelstrom Games sold Gameszone stuff. I actually order a fair bit off those guys too.

    Thanks for pointing it out. :)


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