Thursday, July 29, 2010

GW Brisbane Mini-Deamon: Librarian Build Progress

Hi guys,

I just wanted to post some quick pictures on what I achieved tonight. The Force Spear is just 'blu-tacced' on so please excuse the excess stuff sticking out of the joint.

I actually had my first go at using green stuff tonight (SHOCK HORROR!) for both the Force Spear and Storm Shield arms.

I used a bit on the Storm Shield to slot in a little bit of thick guitar wire to form the join from the piping under the librarians left wrist to the wire cluster below the hand on the really can't see it so you will have to take my word on it until it is painted. I felt I had to connect it somehow as it looked a bit odd with a gap in that position.

I am still in two minds whether or not to include the big book standard on top of his shoulders at this stage as I normally steer away from banner poles and the like.

Anyway...he is starting to take shape.

Any thoughts or criticisms are welcome.



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