Sunday, July 18, 2010

Deathwatch Kill Team - Soul Drinker

Hi guys,

Just a quick WiP photo of my Deathwatch Kill Team. I have built four so far, but I wanted to quickly share my Soul Drinker member armed with a Combi-Melta.

I am pretty happy with the combi-melta overall. He is the first of six to be armed with combi-melta's this way. Initially I was going to use the metal DW bolter as a base but unfortunately the metal bolters are about 1/3 thinner that the plastic ones so the melta part on top wouldn't fit as I intended. Oh well.

I have built up two DW bolter marines (Space Wolf and Wolf Brother) and a Sergeant (Crimson Fist) with a combi-flamer and powerfist. I will post some more WiP pictures soon once I got a combat squad done. I am in the middle of doing a Blood Angel with a combi-melta as well. I am trying to use as many 'embossed' pads as possible.

Other chapters I am thinking of adding will be:

- Black Templar
- Ultramarine (once I can find my embossed UM shoulder pad)
- Imperial Fist
- Flesh Tearer (with a chain axe as well)
- Silver Skulls or Mortis Legion

I plan on using the squad as a 'counts as' Sternguard unit in games and intend on building two full squads once I get some more bits. In the short term I will be using them in some local games as a "kill team" for skirmish games.

Heavy weapons wise, I want to do a marine running with a maybe a box fed heavy bolter (think scouts) to give it that suspensor feeling (from the old DW rules) and probably two heavy flamer marines.

I am two minds for the heavy flamers to be honest as I feel I may be better off with combi-flamers so I can still take advantage of special issue ammunition. I have to make at least one just for the cool factor though. :)


  1. Wooo!!! Soul Drinker!

    I have an entire army of these guys, seems you had the same idea for usign BA sculpted chalices

  2. Looking good so far, can't wait to see them painted up!

    The heavy bolter's gotta make an appearance, they're just too cool not too. Kinda miffed I didn't have one when I was making my Deathwatch...


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