Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Some support for the Crimson Fists

Hello Everyone,

It has been slow going for the past month or so due to other commitments (and a wee bit too much Bloodbowl on the PC). So, since the weekend, I have been making a point of getting in at least a hour or so painting each night and would you believe it.... I am making some headway on my Crimson Fists.

I also saw that GW has released some of the CF shoulder pad bitz so I will have to pick some of these up...well at least the HQ ones anyway. If anyone has actually bought these yet I would be interested to hear if they the correct size this time (unlike the last batch).

Anyway, here are a couple pictures of what I have completed since the weekend.

First up I have a pair of Heavy Bolter marines to give my tactical squads some much needed anti-infantry since I am playing against orks on a regular basis.

Next up I have my Plasma Gunner marine. I gave him the high collared chest plate as I figure he needs as much protection from plasma gun mishaps as possible. :)

Since taking the picture I have decided to paint on some gloss varnish onto the plasma gun coil to make it more 'plasma-like' in my minds eye anyway.

Here we have is the Meltagun marine. I recently bought myself the Imperial Armour - Model Masterclass Volume One and have been trying out some of the suggestions for heat stress. For the melta gun and plasma gun barrel, I ended up using a number of purple and sepia washes finishing up with a black wash. Overall, I am pretty happy with the result.

Lastly, I have finished off two more regular bolter marines. Nothing fancy, but I am chipping away at them.

I am now working on doing a number of sergeant figures with various options (power fists, combi-weapons, etc) and adding a Heavy Plasma Gun marine.

Will keep you posted (hopefully a bit more regularly).


  1. Thanks oni! Really appreciate the feedback from yourself. The photos aren't ideal, but I plan on taking some nicer ones on the weekend in daylight.

  2. Love the way your crimson fists are turning out, great chapter choice.


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