Monday, May 17, 2010

Project Mighty-Morphin Power Landraider - Hit a 'small' snag...

Hi guys,

I seem to have hit a bit of a problem with the Forgeworld Extra Armour kit. After straightening all the pieces out and cleaning up most of kit I was dry fitting the large side armour pieces (after shaving off some rivets and what not so it would sit flush) and I uncovered a bit of a problem.

You see, I was kinda doing my head in why the sponson mount wasn't fitting very well. I shaved the insides, tried inserting the sponson while the whole piece was still hot and nothing was working. Next I tried one of the Forgeworld Fist doors...still no luck. A normal land raider door even seemed too big. Now I thought this was odd.

Anyway, as I was planning on being able to use the Landraider as a Terminus Landraider as well (the 5 Lascannon mount one) I grabbed one of my Predator side sponsons to see if they would fit and then I noticed the little cut outs that allow for that style of sponson were too small. Well...this is a problem.

Upon closer inspection (I will save you the photos) it appears that the two large side armour plates of the extra armour kit are a fraction too small.

I will send an email off to Forgeworld in the morning and I am hoping they can help (or better yet...replace them).

Has anyone else ever had major problems with this kit? I was really hoping to have this part done but it looks like it wont be happening for a while.


  1. same thing with the Rhino extra armour set, nothing quite fits properly! you would of thought that their own door sets should sit in the holes correctly, but nooooo, lots of faffy filling and cutting ensue..

    learn to measure forgeworld!!

  2. I think there must of been a mix problem with this set. Its like the entire plate has shrunk slightly. I have sent an email off to FW...heres hoping. :)


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