Friday, June 25, 2010

Musings: Narn Tau?

Hi guys,

I am hoping to get a good session in with my airbrush this weekend since it has been a few weeks. Got no visitors and the weather is looking promising.

Anyway, in my usual wanderings of the blogosphere I came across The Tau of War. Its a really great little blog.

Anyway...what really caught my eye and was a 'OMGWTFIMUSTHAZIT!!!' moment was a angle on the Tau I have never thought of. Narn-Tau! Check out these Fire Warriors by Old Shatter Hands...

Old Shatter Hands also has a "How to" on his blog - Tau Ethereal Complete on how to paint these boys.

And here is another army shot I was looking at. I love the scheme.

Anyway, what I just loved about it was the Narn racial look (like G'Kar from Babylon 5). Anyway, I have never thought of Tau in that way and it appeals to me much more than the typical blue fish heads to the point I am going to order some Fire Warriors and think I will work on a small Tau force. :)

Here is another picture of the the bad boy again...

Even the Narn colour scheme on the ships looks great and I would be interested in having a go on the Tau tanks and/or battle suits.

Anyway...I just had to share as I was excited. :)


  1. Hi Darrel. You should check with Neil, on of the figures amongst the Eldar he purchased is a Tau etherial, he probably will not ream you too much. :)

    That way you could paint a model and see if you like it.

  2. Hah, would be fun to see them battling some Centauri "Mordians".


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