Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Introducing Vulkosi & Ancient Polux

Hi guys,

I finished Vulkosi (counts as Vulkan) and Ancient Polux. All I need to do now varnish them and they are done!

Vulkosi had all the flames ground down (using a dremel) on the inside of the cape and chest. I also removed the Salamander chapter symbol from the belt and replaced it with the tiny fist from the FW Crimson Fist resin purity seal.

Apart from that he also has one of the new command squad conversion banner poles.

Overall I am very happy with him. This was my HQ challenge for the 2010 40k Radio Motivational.

I am not to sure on Ancient Polux's scratches....but I think it looks a bit better.

As usual C&C welcome. :)


  1. They both look fabulous. I love the dread and your redone Vulkan is SUPERB. Excellent, I say again Excellent work.

  2. I think they both look awesome with nice, crisp paint jobs. Vulkosi looks especially good! I am a big Crimson Fist fan, but that's not skewing my view, I promise :)


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