Thursday, September 3, 2009

Next Scenery Project - Ork Outpost

Hi guys,

Just a quick one to share. I just got two CNC Sand buildings (CNC Workshop Sand Series) to add to the start of my Ork camp (the tower was the first bit).

The two models I got are the Crows Nest....

...and the Gunner's Platform.

I am unsure on how I will go about painting them yet. I am tempted to do a dark red (think scab red)/clay-ish look to them with metal plates put on it. To be honest....not really sure yet. But it will be a Deathskull Clan Outpost so perhaps a blue is the answer. Any ideas?

Props to my mate Matt for picking these up for me. Cheers buddy. :) case anyone was wondering you will probably see my cats in various pictures as they like to 'help' me whenever I am doing anything 40k.


  1. I have toyed with the idea of buying from this company, but to be honest it's a little pricey... personally those buildings can be made with foam core, spackle and some rough coat....

    As for a blue outpost...well...I might do blue glyphs and graffiti but not an all blue

  2. They were a gift so I cant complain. :)
    Very true on the foam core buildings...but these ones do take bugger all to put togeather, very hardy and srub up pretty well.

    Anyway...I will post up some pics when I whack them together.


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