Monday, March 22, 2010

Sergeant Anto

Hello All,

Been pretty quite on the blog front. Anyway, no excuses.... time for some pics. :)

Introducing Sergeant Anto.

I tried a new technique on the gems and the power axe that I have been reading about. This model has sat being mostly done for well over 6mths just because I just couldn't get the lightning on the axe quite right. It was just frustrating me so much. Overall I am very happy with him and especially the gems.

Apologies if the photos aren't the best as they were taken with my iPhone and I have felt bad for not submitting something for so long.

I have also recently just finished two packets of moonscapes and two lots of the GW modular hill so I will get some pics up of these very soon. Also in the works is a tutorial I have been working on. Its my little trip magnetising up a Predator.

As always C&C welcome.


  1. Nice job, I really like the color of the base.

  2. Thanks Ron. I am actually working on a whole table atm with that scheme.


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