Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More fun with Magnets - Landspeeder

Hi guys,

Just another little post on what I have been working on over the Easter weekend. There are plenty of articles around the net on various ways of going ahead with this, however, one thing they have in common is building up the inside wall of the speeder.

One problem I encountered is that the side panels would slide up slightly so I added another little block of plasicard at the top of the interior mount to stop the sides sliding up too far.

Another little think I did differently is I magnetised the mount with the spot light as opposed to the entire assembly. The way I figure it, the spot light could stay even if there isn't another weapon mounted on it at the time. Hopefully it doesn't look too silly to people (feedback please...)

I decided to glue in a pin (from a paper clip) into the hips/chest of the marines so I can still get into the cockpit to paint the interior up. I know most people tend to paint it up then glue it all together, but in my experience that always ends in tears and I have to re-work bits due to glue and the like. Perhaps I am all thumbs or something.

When I start on Landspeeder No. 2 I will take more photos of the construction and put something together. I think my next one will be a lot better and no doubt I will find slightly better ways of doing things (much as I found with my predators).

If you have any tips or "lessons learned" I would love to hear them.

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  1. I did it in the exact same way.

    Perhaps I put my magnets on the inside of the opening the door/missiles fit into a bit lower so the doors have a slight downward pull and sit nicely into their sockets.

    I also used a small magnet on the doors themselves as they don't need a lot of force to stay put and I don't need a crowbar to switch them for my missiles.

    I also went a little further and magnetised the sensor thing on the bottom so the speeder fits into my case easier.

    And the best of all is that I magnetised the stand. I made the top of the stand flat, put a magnet on the top and in the bottom of the speeder.


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