Thursday, August 20, 2009

Model & Scenery Points System

In order to motivate myself to actually complete projects I give each model and piece of scenery a score based upon it's size. I first saw this on several FTW blogs so after a little tracking down I found out it originally came from LonePilgrim . All the credit is his I decided to break my ‘points system’ up into two scores as I like to spend a fair bit of time on scenery projects (which is why my painting has suffered..hehehe). The scoring system I will be using is as follows:

Model Points

Infantry = 1 point
Large infantry, cavalry, and bikes = 2 points
Monsters or Dreadnoughts = 5 points
Vehicles = 10 points
Superheavy vehicles = 20 points
Custom Banner = 1 point
Custom conversion = same points

Scenery Points

Tiny projects = 1 point
(i.e. 20mm base objectives, single trees)
Small projects = 2 points
(i.e. 40mm base objectives, small rock clumps)
Medium projects = 5 points
(i.e. between 40mm to CD sized)
Large projects = 10 points
(i.e. average detailed buildings, wrecked vehicle)
Massive projects = 20 points
(i.e. complicated and large buildings, ruined cathedral)
New games tables = 10 points
(i.e. 10 points per 2'x 2' section)

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