Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sergeant Grimm & Sergeant Segala

Hi Guys,

Just thought I would share my new newest Sergeants for my Tactical Squads, Sergeant Grimm and Sergeant Segala.

I just finished reading Rynns World and just had to include some of the Sergeants out of the book in my force.

Sergeant Grimm has very minor conversion. It is my version of a combi-flamer. I like the small discrete look over the common bulkier look. I imagine it only has one shot so how much fuel does it really need. :)

And here are a few shots of Sergeant Segala.

As always, C&C welcome.


  1. Nice work! They're both really nice sculpts and they look good with the paint job and the flamer conversion.

  2. These are very good sculpts indeed (Most of the veteran marine sculpts GW did are among the best they ever did, all the way back from 2nd Edition up till today) and I really like your paintjob, even though I'm not a fan of (almost) black Crimson Fists. To me, they are and should always be this color:

  3. I really need to organise a lighting booth for taking the photos. The photos don't do them justice tbh. In the flesh they look a lot lighter due to the hard highlights.

    Cheers on the feedback though.

  4. Daz's CFists are definitely lighter in real life than they appear here, however still not as light as on the Bolt Thrower cover. What about taking your photos in a white icecream container? Or on a piece of plain white paper leant against the wall?

    Anyway good job as usual, your painting always puts mine to shame, I'll finish my warboss one day.

    Cheers -bn.


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