Monday, August 2, 2010

GW Brisbane Mini-Deamon: Librarian Progress - Vallejo Primer

Hi Guys,

I finally got to try out the Vallejo Grey Primer through the airbrush yesterday. Since the Librarian model will painted a much brighter blue than the rest of my Crimson Fists I thought it was a great time to have a go at using a non-black undercoat. This is a huge change for me as I have never used anything but a black undercoat for 15+ years.

Here is a quick picture of the Librarian with the grey primer applied.

I am really happy with the result and I think you will agree it came out quite nicely - as primers go. :)

Now just a tiny review of the Vallejo Grey Primer.

Before I used the primer I added a small clear plastic bead to use as an agitator (like I do for most of my paints - especially the Vallejo paints) to help mix the primer fully.
On the instructions it says it can be put straight through an airbrush with out any thinning required. This was in fact true, however in my experience I noticed I had much more success at higher pressures (of around 35psi) with the primer as it seemed to start to block up the airbrush at the sub 30psi pressure. I was worried it would have a powdering texture as It didn't come out quite as smooth as I was expecting but as you can see from the photo - it worked perfectly.

I think next time I will see how it reacts with a slight thinning agent (like Windex) as I am hoping it will help with flow a little bit. Either that or increase the pressure above 35psi again.

Overall I am really impressed with the Vallejo Grey Primer and would recommend you to give it a go. I have had a lot of bad luck of late with spray cans so I have started to explore other products that I can use through my airbrush - mainly for that extra layer of control. I will let you know how I go with the Vallejo Black Primer when I do some more regular marines.

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