Thursday, August 26, 2010

GW Whats New Today - I am in it today!!!

Hi Guys,

I am really excited by this so I wanted to share.

I entered my Ork Watch Tower into the new Games Workshop Competition "The Great Gameboard Giveaway", and had it published in the GW "Whats New Today". My cat Dala is also there (if you click on the picture).

Here is the link:

Some more pictures (including WiP) can be found on my blog here - BLOG LINKY HERE.

Anyway I am just over the moon on this one. It will be very cool if I can win something but I am just really happy to make it onto the corporate website. Now I am going to have to crank out some more terrain. :)

In other news - I will be heading to England soon and will be spending a couple days in Nottingham. Needless to say I will be spending at least a day (or two) at Warhammer World. I will take plenty of photos and if you live over that way and want to have a pint at Bugmans - feel free to drop me a line.


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