Thursday, August 12, 2010

Librarian Progress - More WiP - Face done

Hi guys,

I have been working on the Librarian over the past few days and made some progress.

I am really happy how his face has turned out and slowly working on the other details. I am trying to cover all the details and get them to pre final highlights stage. I went with the librarian yellow on the front of the tunic - as per the codex but decided to go with the red on the back side of the tunic.

I will have a go at some basic free hand detailing to put something on the edges of the red parts of the tunic. Probably just a basic border detail to help break it up.

Initially I really hated painting this model. I guess it is probably due to the amount of detail over the figure but he is starting to grow on me and I am starting to enjoy painting him.

He is still a fair way off but I wanted to share what I have been doing.

On a side note - I will probably not be entering him in at the local painting competition at GW Brisbane. I need to confirm this with the manager - however I have had a few 'discussions' with the staff and now I am lead to believe I will have either purchase a $22 figure in store or have a receipt of one to enter the comp. I explained to the staff member that there is absolutely no mention of this in the flyer (and proceeded to show the staff member said flyer) and they said that I would not be able to enter. I also explained that a mate of mine was planning on entering in the FW Renegade Psyker model - but without a receipt it's a no go.

Anyway...without going on a rant I told them kindly that if that's they way it is they can stick it up their bum in not so many words. The discussions I had with the manager was that these little painting comps were to help foster some community within the store and get gamers excited about the hobby side of things - but again GW turns it into another opportunity to gouge customers...and frankly I can't be bothered pandering to that. Their loss I guess. Anyway - more updates to follow soon.

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