Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Deathwatch Kill Team - WiP - Sergeant and more marines

Hi guys,

I got a few more marines completed now.

Here they are:

Crimson Fist Sergeant - Combi-Flamer / Powerfist

I was lucky to pick this games day sergeant off ebay and have been looking forward to having him done up for a Kill Team. Really looking forward to painting him up. Still thinking of a name.

I am happy with the combi-flamer. Its pretty hard to see in the picture but it is done in the same style as my previous attempt for Sergeant Grimm - LINKY

Blood Angel Marine - Combi-Melta

Here is my second attempt at a combi-melta.

Space Wolf Marine

Nothing special to write about...but I like this guy.

Wolf Brother Marine

I originally had this guy with a chain sword in his left hand but it looked a bit funny so I replaced it with an Auspex instead. I think it looks a bit better with the looking down pose.

Soul Drinker Marine

Well this rounds out the first five done. I am going to work on another five or so then attack them with paint.

1 comment:

  1. Legs and torsos match nicely, but the touches on the helmets and weapons are icing on the cake, they're all looking pretty cool.


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