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Musings: Forge World Pre-Heresy Armour, World Eaters & Angron

I am sure many of you have already seen the recent Forge World newsletters; but I really wanted to say that I am soooo excited about glimpses of Pre-Heresy Armour.

I have really wanted to do a Pre-Heresy Marine army for quite some time and have been slowly stockpiling bits (resin rivets, helmets, chests etc) to make up some Mk IV & V armour. But with the glimpses we have seen so far it might be a far cry easier time wise to wait it out to see what goodies Forge World release. Now we know that the next Imperial Armour book wont be a Heresy or 30k based one (*sad panda*) but overall I don’t really care if I can get the bits to make some sweet looking pre-heresy at a reasonable price (Forge World reasonable price – lol – its like black tar heroin).

Time is something I am short of all the time – hence why I am so slow at doing things.

If you haven’t already seen them here is a picture of the Mk V helmet:

And one of the Mk III Helmet

Personally I have wanted to do small Pre-Heresy World Eater army (using the new Blood Angel Codex) and have even picked up one of the Ronin Primarch models to represent Angron himself. I also figure doing World Eaters would be a great excuse for me to develop my painting skills as I am forced to paint White on a large scale – something that I have always steered away from – that and yellow!

I figure to represent Angron on the table I will use him as a counts as Librarian Mephiston. Now before you groan here me out. Mephistons stats are pretty much the same as Angron as a Daemon Prince and his ‘Psychic Powers’ can be represented by physical traits for a primarch easily – especially one that is a bit crazy like Angron and full of rage.

Let’s take a quick look.

Mephiston – 250pts
WS7 BS5 S6 T6 Wo5 I7 A4/5 Ld10 Sv2+

Equipment: Force Sword, Plasma Pistol, Frag & Krak, Artificer Armour, Psychic Hood
Special Rules: ATSKF, Fleet, Transfixing Gaze, Psyker

Psychic Powers:

The Sanguine Sword:
This power is used at the start of either player's Assault phase. The Librarian's close combat attacks are made at S10.

Unleash Rage:
This power is used at the start of either player's Assault phase. the Librarian and his unit have the Preferred Enemy special rule until the end of the turn.

Wings of Sanguinius:
This power is used in the Librarian's Movement phase and lasts for the rest of the turn. It allows the Librarian to move as if he had a jump pack. A Librarian riding a bike that uses this power moves as if he was riding a jet bike

Now…my rational:

Transfixing Gaze: He is a Primarch so he is damn scary – re-rolling to hits and wounds seems appropriate as someone cowers before him.

Sanguine Sword: He also is known to be a storm of rage and hence can channel that rage into raw strength – Hence S10.

Wings of Sanguinius: A little harder to justify…but again massive feats of strength. I figure it can be justified by him just leaping straight at the foe. He is an ex gladiator and doesn’t wear bulky armour like some primarchs

Now..for the force sword – again channelling his hate he twists the blade, cuts out the enemy’s heart with Gorechild…whatever really. Just represented by a psychic test in the game.

Psychic Hood: As we know – Khorne hates magic and later on he actually has a collar of Khorne. I justify this as the Khorne protecting his future champion with a 24” zone that can stop some magic/psychic force.

I hope it doesn’t look like too much of a stretch but Mephistons powers seem more ‘phyiscal’ representations of strength, rage and hate more than anything else. For a personal body guard I figure I can have a small unit of ‘counts as’ Sanquinary Guard follow him around. He can’t join the unit directly though because of his rules – but let’s face it…I think he would be easy to pick out in a force anyway. Given that he doesn’t have an invulnerable save and can’t hide in a unit - I think he is pretty balanced…at 250pts he can still just be gunned down pretty easy.

Anyway, the rest of the codex would be pretty cool to use as a World Eaters army since they can have lots of assault squads as troops (with and without jump packs) and Berserker Squads can be represented Death Company as well. Doing a themed army like this probably wont be winning any tournaments – but hey – it should look sweet on the table.

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  1. I think as long as your figures are WYSIWYG as regards to weapons and equipment there should not be any problems.


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